Resource: Why an Interim Time?

Why an Interim time?

When a minister leaves, a shock wave goes through the community, and we can react emotionally.  It is tempting to make hasty decisions to avoid the distress.  But old issues may remain, and we can lose identity and direction.  We need a period of time for healing and renewal–an interim time.

So that we do not flounder, the Church board is following Unity Worldwide Ministries’ proven recommendations and has chosen to have this upcoming interim time.  To guide us through it, we will be employing an experienced Interim Minister/Specialist.  This Specialist will engage us in processes focused on several objectives:

  1. To reconnect with our heritage.
  2. To reestablish and expanded our relationships.
  3. To rediscover our unique voice, our identity.
  4. To uncover latent skills and interests and bring them alive, serving together to expand our ministry.
  5. And to redefine our mission in today’s world.

Under this guidance, we can then embrace our renewed core values as well as a clear vision.

We are consciously choosing this interim time, so that we can come out clear, ready to start fresh again.  Then, our beloved community will radiate like a beacon attracting a new minister, who recognizes this light and is called by it.  Together, we can then embrace our mutual passions and deepest yearnings, and we can revel in our mutual mission!