The Unity of Tustin Board of Directors Introduces Rev. Colladay, Transitional Ministry Specialist

Rev. Steve Colladay’s first Sunday will be April 22, 2018.

Rev. Steve’s bio:
Rev. Steve Colladay, an ordained Unity minister, is a certified transitional specialist and ministry wellness consultant on the central office team of Unity Worldwide Ministries in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Steve has served as a minister, church growth consultant and workshop presenter for 35 Unity churches, having served as a senior minister for 21 years in 4 Unity ministries, plus 3 years as a transitional ministry specialist, and 15 years as a church growth consultant. Steve has been a regional board of trustee member in 3 regions–south central, southeast, and northwest Unity regions, as well as Unity sub-regions in Dallas and UMASS (southeastern states).

Steve holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Development from International College, a Masters degree in College Administration and Counseling from Michigan State University, and Bachelor degree in history from Alma College. He has been an organizational development manager and specialist for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in Honolulu and Los Angeles. Steve has taught extensive graduate-level courses in management development, team building, stress and conflict skill building.

Steve is a pianist, composer and a producer of programs for mindfulness and meditation techniques for veterans, first responders (police, fire, EMS), and athletes. An avid runner, he has completed 29 marathons and 4 36-mile ultramarations.

Steve is committed to supporting our veterans and first responders. He is a recent graduate of the Warriors Ascent Academy of Healing in Kansas City, MO ( , and continues to support veterans and first responders in their post-traumatic stress healing as a mentor and volunteer. In previous years he has served as a consultant and volunteer for staff and clients of local Vet Center teams in 5 states, as well as Western Regional training events in: team building, leadership development, stress management, and spirituality in leadership. As a volunteer, Steve has co-facilitated combat rap groups, family support groups, and stress management and communication training. Steve has also served as an Interfaith Chaplain with the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy supporting military R & R flights to / from Iraq and Afghanistan.