Preparing for Our Sabbatical

by the Sabbatical Leadership Team: Debbie delaCuesta, Gary Conway, Christy Sternlicht, Stedney Phillips, & Rev. Carolyne Mathlin

Is Rev. Carolyne really leaving for three whole months?!? That seems to be a comment/question we’ve been hearing a lot recently. The answer is yes. She really is leaving for three months. Her last Sunday will be June 4 and her first Sunday back will be September 10.

And, the good news is that we, as your Sabbatical Team, see that not only will Rev. Carolyne experience the blessings of this time of renewal, but so will our entire community.

Our team purpose is to:

1. Assist in the big-picture planning for Rev. Carolyne’s spiritual renewal.
2. Ensure that all the major components of Rev. Carolyne’s absence are addressed in a prayerful and wise way.
3. Serve as a communication link between leadership and the community.
4. Be available for questions and hear concerns.
5. Hold this time in prayer, seeing it as a time of spiritual renewal for us all.

As a reminder, we have sent out a couple of letters and articles already that you can find in our blog section. Use the search word “sabbatical” on our website to find them all easily.

In our final months of preparation there is still more to share with you, especially around how we see this as a time of empowerment for our community. Sometimes people feel like if the minister isn’t around, they don’t need to be around. We see that it is actually the opposite. It’s even more important that you are around. You are the community. You are the ministry. We invite you to stay connected and engaged. We’ll be sharing more about this in our next correspondence.

We will also have our next Sabbatical Community Forum on May 28. This will be a more open form, including a time of sharing what is on your heart. We look forward to seeing you there.
In the meantime, you can reach us at or