Notes from the Board of Directors

Let me begin with heartfelt greetings to you all. As I move into my second year of service on your Board, I wanted to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to you. I’ve become ever more aware of the devotion and contribution of your time, treasure and talent that make us who we are here at Unity of Tustin. I have been welcomed, nurtured and challenged by our Board to step in to this larger leadership role, my next growth edge. And the embrace I have felt from the community has mirrored the welcome I received as a new member back in 2009.
We are leaning in and listening. Through our community meetings, visionings, surveys, and conversations, we are responding to your expectations for increased visibility, transparency and availability – ways to be in mutual dialogue. We began with reinstituting name tags for our key leaders as well as displaying a picture of current Board members in our library.
As a follow up from our Annual Meeting, we revisited our Heartbeat of the Community visioning documents and were deeply inspired by witnessing what had already emerged in our community through your service. We saw a reflection of our collective consciousness and dedication as we witnessed an organic and dynamic growth and engagement in many areas of our congregation. Our various ministries – Youth and Family, Music, and Prayer – have been infused with a renewed aliveness and devotion, reflected in an even greater depth and breadth of selfless service.
Besides the ministries mentioned above, our continued emphasis on our mystical spiritual education and practices was reflected in our many classes, intensives and our visiting Master Teachers. We also saw the growth in our Outreach Ministry through our OC Food Project in the outpouring of contributions of food and selfless service.
We have committed to our own conscious evolution and development in leadership by learning and integrating 2nd Tier consciousness into our practices and structures. During both our working retreat and monthly meetings, we have been implementing the mission-centric 2nd Tier model of ministry as advocated by Unity International along with the tool of Polarity Wisdom. I have had the honor to present some of the teachings of Susanne Cook-Grueter and the Leadership Maturity to our board. This has felt like divine order since I was first exposed to these maps of consciousness and teachings here at Unity of Tustin.
And finally, I am pleased to share our commitment to embodying this We Consciousness/Mysticism through our first Heartbeat of the Community Gathering on Sunday, July 10th at 1pm. This informal meeting will offer us an opportunity to share the recap and updates of our Heartbeat of Community visioning as well as to ask questions and share any insights or inspirations you may have. We intend to hold these informal gatherings on a quarterly basis.
In closing, I want to express my deep love and gratitude to you all, for all that you are and all that you bring as an expression of the Divine.