Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision – Centered in Divine Love, we participate in radical global awakening of consciousness, honoring all.

  • We are co-creating with the Divine
  • Spirit works through us and as us to increase the world’s consciousness
  • We are awakening to our Oneness with all; there is no separation
  • Each and every one of us is a spark of the Divine

Our Mission – We are a vibrant, spiritual community committed to individual and collective awakening through sacred teachings and practices.
One God, One Heart, many paths.

  • Our community is actively being orchestrated by the Divine to serve the Greater Community
  • A sacred, mystical approach encourages all to have a personal relationship with the Divine
  • All sacred, mystical paths based on perennial wisdom lead to the same God (Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, The Tao, Native American and other indigenous practices, etc.)
  • We engage in both individual and collective practices to awaken – meditation, prayer, sacred service, celebrating our blessings, sacred financial giving, spiritual study, and transformation of the self

Our Core Values:
Love, Abundance, Diversity, Gratitude, Integrity, Joy


We are divine expressions of God, balancing wisdom and compassion, loving kindness, acceptance and respect.


1) We avoid speaking ill of others. We practice the words of Jesus: “Love one another as you love yourself.”

2) We practice kindness in our interactions with all of God’s creatures.

3) We participate in sacred service at Unity of Tustin and in the greater community.

4) We welcome members and newcomers, making all feel welcome.

5)We respect verbal and nonverbal boundaries.


We recognize the spiritual, material and financial substance within us.


  1. We live confidently, in oneness with the abundance of God.
  2. We recognize that our Divine Nature guides us towards the abundant infinite creativity within us.
  3. We give generously of our time, talents and treasure.
  4. We realize that everyone has the capacity to give and that everyone’s contribution counts.


We honor the diversity of humanity. We embrace unity with all people. We value the richness that comes from each person’s unique individuality.


1) We keep an open heart and mind.

2) We welcome people of all backgrounds and life experiences.

3) We honor a diversity of perspectives, striving to include teachers from various cultures and traditions.


We appreciate what we have and what we are, recognizing God’s unlimited abundance.


1) We show appreciation at every opportunity.

2) We acknowledge the goodness in our lives and share it with others.

3) We are thankful for the divine nature of all beings.


We practice honesty and forthrightness in all our interactions, striving to be of the highest moral character. Our actions are congruent with our words.


  1. We engage in honest, direct communication, expressing concerns directly with one another. We agree and disagree in love.
  2. We honor each other’s experience and perspective.
  3. We practice the Golden Rule—treating others as we would like to be treated.
  4. We recognize that unresolved issues arise at times, and we strive to heal them.


We live from a positive view of the world and celebrate life!


  1. We live the joy within us and share it with each other. It is contagious!
  2. We create community through laughter, fun and music.
  3. We express our joy and passion through our outreach activities.(Approved by Board of Directors, September 15, 2018)