• Meditation Gardens Unity of Tustin

  • Garden Site 1 – The First Stage

  • The Seven Chakras

  • Waterwall

  • Wisteria Vine

  • Jade Table & Chairs

  • Kuan Yin

  • Flying Cranes

  • Solar and Lunar Calendars

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • Koi Pond

  • St. Francis Garden

  • Mystical Union

  • Circular Seating Area

  • Panorama of the Realized State

  • Waterfall

Meditation Gardens

Located on our peaceful three acre campus in the heart of Orange County, CA, the Meditation Gardens at Unity of Tustin represent the stages of creation as described in the first and second chapters of Genesis as mystically understood. Many spiritual traditions from around the world are represented in one form or another in the eight sites of our gardens. Everything in our gardens has meaning – the water, the unique plantings, and the color of the flowers at every site, each of which vibrates at a different resonance. There are places to sit in meditation, prayer and contemplation throughout the gardens. You are welcome to visit the gardens anytime from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., moving at your own pace. We ask that the gardens support an atmosphere of solitude.

The following is a virtual walk through our Meditation Gardens. Our Meditation Garden Booklet – Experiencing the Stages of Creation includes an expanded description of each site, a meditation and a quote from Genesis and is available for purchase in our Bookstore.