A Letter from the Board of Directors

On Sunday, October 24 we held our second Heartbeat of the Community meeting of 2017. Thank you to the 50 people who participated. The energy in the room was alive, vibrant, inspiring, and so much more. I left the meeting feeling the movement and call of spirit as Us. Your participation and ideas shared only added to the excitement of our next steps, the 3 foci that we presented for 2018:

1. Revitalizing our Worship Experiences
2. Transition & Transformation Process
3. Reaching Out to the Greater Community

In our time together, your Board members shared what we have been seeing and stepping into. For quite some time the Board has been seeing symptoms of decline and “stuckness” in both attendance and giving as reflected in a long trend of decline in attendance in both services. We have also been seeing patterns of unsustainability in many areas including staff burnout, deferred maintenance of our beautiful grounds, and community needs not being met.

While we have also learned this has been reflected in many spiritual communities, including Unity World Wide Ministries, we have come to see and understand these patterns as a call for renewal and transition, into who we’ve come here to be- today!

It is no coincidence that we are reading Everything Belongs for Adventure in Faith. Everything Belongs is about living your spirituality through the joy and the pain of life, with presence and love. It is about facing change, knowing the spirit of God is flowing through us always and we need to let go and let the river take us. Everything Belongs is about transformation, always evolving with the heart of a lion and the love and curiosity of a child. The Board is sensing the excitement of moving on, reaching out, and experiencing God more deeply.

The gift of this space between stages or this “liminal time” as Richard Rohr calls it is to be given the map of what this journey looks like. We would like to share with you what we have learned as we have approached this time as one of transformation.

Through consulting with Rev. Denese Schellink, our Unity Regional Representative, Dr. Rima Bonario and our own Rev. Stedney Phillips we became educated on the process of transition and how fundamental it is for a healthy, thriving, evolving community. We learned that going through a conscious transition process is actually a recommended best practice for all ministries.

As we prepare for 2018 and the work that is before us, let us revisit those 3 areas of focus that we see are the key to navigating the liminal space we are in and what they will involve.

Our Focus in 2018

1. Revitalizing our Worship Experiences

• Implementing survey results
• Continuing the energy of summer
• Clarifying and increasing pastoral ministry offerings
• Bringing in non-dual teachers
• Creating multi-generational worship

2. Transition & Transformation Process

• Reflecting and celebrating our history
• Engaging the transformation of self-work as a community
• Asking who we are here to be (creating our Mission, Vision, Core Values)
• Embracing divine timing

3. Reaching Out to the Greater Community

• Getting involved in community events off campus
• Inviting the community onto our grounds
• Participating in Interfaith Council of Orange County
• Advertising Unity of Tustin

We value communication and staying in contact with you. If you need to contact the Board, please email board@unitytustin.org. We are also available on Sundays after church services.

We also ask for your support in the following ways:

• Pray (see the included Prayer for Time of Transition)
• Continue your offerings of time, talent & treasure
• Participate in the transition and transformation by attending
o Heartbeat of the Community on Sunday, December 3 at 1:30 pm
o I of the Storm on January 21 & Mondays, January 22, 29 and February 12, 2018
o Honoring Our Past Creating Our Future (HOPCOF) workshop on Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25, 2018
o Stay faithful

We are inspired by how spirit has revealed each step, has brought forth the people, the teachings, and the maps of the journey for us. We are truly in the presence of the Divine. This is a spiritual process. As Richard Rohr says, don’t push the river, we need to let go and let the river take us.

Please mark your calendar for our next Heartbeat of the Community on Sunday, December 3 at 1:30 pm. These gatherings are informal and a great way to be inside the energy of community. Come catch the wave of energy lifting us up. It’s a great day at Unity.

In service,
Debbie delaCuesta and your Unity of Tustin Board of Directors

A Daily Prayer for Time of Transition

Beloved One,
Centered in Light and Love, Unity of Tustin stands in our Divine identity as a radiating mystical, spiritual community. Through contemplation and action we live in the field of miracles, knowing times of transition bring forth the transformation. The transformation begins with me and we.

In the clarity of that Truth, grounded in the practice of prayer, giving and receiving, we see the flow of abundance in finances, people, inspiration and Divine Ideas pouring forth to support the work that is ours to do in individual lives and the world.

We stand in gratitude for the faith that sustains us and the manifestation of our highest good.

In Oneness.