Important Communication from Unity of Tustin Board of Directors & Minister

Dear Beloved Community

I began at the edges of my life when I first joined you some ten years ago. With you alongside me it has been a journey to the Center of God’s love and mystery that I now believe begins again and again. I will be forever grateful for your love and companionship during these years.

I am writing to you today to inform you of my need to step down as your Board President, effective Oct 25, 2018.I have submitted my formal resignation at last night’s board meeting. My family’s needs and care have become more pressing with my husband’s terminal diagnosis over the summer. It is now time I turn toward home and family during this sacred transition.

We have worked together as your board in preparation of my resignation. It has been my honor to serve with such a talented and devoted board. We have truly been “mighty companions” through this time of transition. Pam Pence will now preside as Board President, with Bonnie Gosline now serving as Board Treasurer.

We have traveled a most sacred path of transition and transformation these last 18 months. The process of Transition has been challenging, heartbreaking and opening and inspiring. Together we have experienced; Honoring our Past, Creating our Future (HOPCOF), Co-creating our Vision, Mission and Core Values and finally culminating in our Healing and Reconciliation workshop Tues evening. “We tend not to see the transformative pattern of death and rebirth, and how God is our transformer, until after the fact”, Father Richard Rohr. “The great and merciful surprise is that we come to God not by doing it right but by doing it wrong!” The Buddhists call this “Beginner’s Mind.”

My sacred service as your board president during this time has been humbling, at times heartbreaking and inspiring. Throughout the times of my leadership I have been sustained by my trust in Spirit, my beloved companions here at Unity of Tustin, and Surrender. I always believed in Us. I often reminded myself that “God shows up as our lives”.

We now begin again, with our Minister Search Team and process. They are a divine reflection of our community, wise, compassionate and devoted. I know they and we will attract our next beloved Senior Minister who will lead us in embodying our new Vision and Mission for us all and the world. I will continue to be a part of my beloved Unity of Tustin and welcoming in our new minister.

I will be forever grateful for allowing me to serve our beloved community during such a poignant, powerful time.

With deep love and respect,
Debbie dela Cuesta