Interim Minister

Daniel grew up in a family with a deep commitment to Mystical teachings and at the age of 13 began explaining these teachings to family and friends. In his teen year he had a powerful teacher and friend, a saddle horse with whom he explored the rural countryside in upstate New York where he lived gaining a deep appreciation for nature, the abundance of our planet and the interconnectedness of all the inhabitants.

He began his professional career with a bachelor’s degree in education and teaching junior high and high school students develop skills working with tools and materials as a foundation for technical education. From there he changed curriculum and for over 40 years has taught the application of Spiritual Principles in daily life. Some of this time was spent serving congregations as a Unity Minister, punctuated by entrepreneurial adventures into business, property management, Human Resource Development, over the road truck driving, and providing programs for people with disabilities, audio and video production.

He has experienced the joys and challenges of growing family with four grown children and seven grandchildren. He is in his second marriage of over twenty-seven years to a wonderful woman who is not only his partner but his best friend. Daniel has lived in the northeast US, Midwest and California. For a while he was like the ferryman in the Siddhartha story only his boat was a Limousine and his rivers were the concrete highways of Orange County California. Through it all he has come to know the meaning of life and is now sharing what he has learned along the way


Karen Knee
Office Administration
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Office Administration
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Administrative Consultant
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Director of Youth & Family Ministry
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Music & Arts Ministry Director
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Bookstore Manager
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Board of Directors

Daniel Douglas – Consulting Member, Pam Pence – President, Jason Huett – Vice-President, Bonnie McKeever Gosline – Treasurer, Gretchen Hinojosa – Secretary, Steve Smith – Member, Connie Carter – Member


Meredith VanSteenwyk, Amy Jahn, Darrell Holdaway, Nevin Valentine, Marco Bello, Mary Jeanne Hawes, Karen Knee, Rev. Daniel Douglas