Senior Minister, Reverend Clive deLaporte

Reverend Clive deLaporte is a licensed and ordained Unity Minister in good standing with Unity Worldwide Ministries. He has served actively in ministry since 2012, experienced as a Senior Minister and a Transitional Ministry Consultant, helping Unity churches review, re-vision and revitalize all dimensions and aspects of their ministry.
Rev. Clive is an inspirational speaker, insightful teacher, and empowering spiritual counselor. He demonstrates an understanding of traditional, metaphysical and mystical spirituality, and the ability to translate profound spiritual truth into practical daily living. He writes an Insight and Inspiration for Holistic Spiritual Living weekly blog and monthly booklet and is finalizing his first book for publication in 2019, titled: Losing My Religion – How the quest for my Divinity helped me rediscover my Humanity.
He’s personal daily spiritual practice includes time for study, yoga, prayer and meditation, and his daily spiritual intention is to live, learn and grow, while exploring his Divine potential for love and laughter.
As a lifelong learner he endeavors to expand his personal and professional knowledge and abilities every year, and has completed too many courses, workshops, seminars and professional development trainings, to mention here. His professional path into his work as a Unity minister includes over 30 years of small business and corporate experience, having worked in banking, finance, investment consulting and real estate, as a consultant, broker, general manager, executive director, and as a successful small business owner and operator.
For recreation he likes to socialize, exercise, play sports, ride motorcycles, travel and enjoy nature and the outdoors.
It is Rev. Clive’s intention to work for another 10 years in service as a minster, and thereafter to travel doing workshops and seminars on his published books. In Unity of Tustin, he has found a ministry, spiritual community and family that is aligned in spiritual consciousness, values and ideals, that collaborating together each and all may realize the blessing of their Divine potential, with power and prosperity.


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