Centered in Divine Love, we participate in radical global awakening of consciousness, honoring all.

Our community focuses on our in-dwelling connection with the One Power in the universe, God. We encourage commitment to Spirit through the essential practices of contemplative prayer and meditation, spiritual study, transformation of self, devotion, conscious giving and selfless service.

We offer a variety of opportunities for spiritual study that reflect our commitment to the transformation of individual and collective consciousness through the mystical teachings of Unity and other wisdom traditions.

Located in the heart of Orange County, our beautiful two acre campus includes a Chartres-style labyrinth and sacred meditation gardens. Our grounds are open during daylight hours for your personal retreat time. All are invited to join us for services on Sunday, for a class or an event, or visit us at Timeless Wisdom Books & Gifts.


Ease of Meditation Intensive
with Craig Steven Phillips

During this 2 hour gathering you will be given the opportunity to dive within and discover a way of meditating that is not only easy but actually leaves you refreshed and happy every time you practice.
Sunday, August 22, 1-3 pm
Suggested love offering: $25

Listen Deeply, Your Body is Speaking to You
with Bobbie Ascarate

This online class is designed to provide an experience of listening to, tending and learning from the wisdom your body wants to share with you through the sacred practice of focusing.
Thursdays, July 15 – August 5, 6:30 – 8 pm
$10 per class
Click here for tickets.

Meditation – Unity of Tustin and the Tao Tribe
with Craig Steven Phillips

Whether you are new to meditation or a long-time practitioner, you will find the opportunity at
our Wed. evening meditation to relax, let go of the busy mind and return to the ease and
stability of the Present Moment. Even if you have tried meditation before and found it to be a
struggle, you can easily cultivate the ability to let go and relax into the flow of Life, and rest in
the peace that is available only Now.

Wednesday Evenings on Zoom, 7:30-9 pm. Click here for information on how to join.

Drum Circle

Sunday, August 29th, 12:30 pm at Site 8 in the garden

Men of Unity

2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 6 pm on the Patio

Women’s Spiritual Circle

4th Saturday, 10 am currently in the sanctuary and on Zoom

Now Booking On-site Wedding Dates

Email and visit

Youth and Family Ministry classes ages 2-18 offered at 11 a.m.