Forward in Faith – Adventure in Faith 2021 Online Retreat

Opening Night with Craig Steven Phillips Click here to watch the recording
Centering Prayer with Shara Moscinska Click here to watch the recording.
Entering the Silence with Rev. Blair Tabor Click here to watch the recording.
Time with the Author John Selby Click here to watch the recording.

Annual Meeting Recording

Here’s the recording of our Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, September 12.

Click here to watch.

Meditation – Unity of Tustin and the Tao Tribe
with Craig Steven Phillips

Whether you are new to meditation or a long-time practitioner, you will find the opportunity at
our Wed. evening meditation to relax, let go of the busy mind and return to the ease and
stability of the Present Moment. Even if you have tried meditation before and found it to be a
struggle, you can easily cultivate the ability to let go and relax into the flow of Life, and rest in
the peace that is available only Now.

Wednesday Evenings on Zoom, 7:30-9 pm. Click here for information on how to join.

Drum Circle

Sunday, November 21st, 1-2 pm at Site 8 in the garden

Men of Unity

2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 6 pm in Rooms 5 & 6 in the Education Building

Women’s Spiritual Circle

4th Saturday, 10 am currently on Zoom

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Youth and Family Ministry classes ages 2-18 offered at 11 a.m.