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Welcome to Unity of Tustin online. Our mystical spiritual community focuses on our inherent connection with the One Presence in the universe, God. We encourage commitment to communion with the One Presence through essential practices of contemplative prayer & meditation, spiritual study, devotion, tithing & conscious giving, and selfless service.

It is through our commitment to spiritual practice that we seek the taming of the mind in service to Divine Will. Our resident and guest ministers and master teachers represent the non-dual teachings of mystics and spiritual traditions across time and cultures. We are a community that is a supportive gathering place for people of like minds to spiritually grow and be together in intentional sacred community.

Located in the heart of Orange County, CA, our beautiful two acre campus includes a Chartres-style labyrinth and sacred meditation gardens. Our grounds are open to you during daylight hours for your personal prayer and meditation time. We welcome you to our web site and hope that you will join us for services on Sunday, for a class or event, or a stroll through our gardens.



7 PM

Maundy ThursdayJesus’ life and final days represent a living template for letting the events of the world be in service to God realization. This service offers everyone the inner experience of saying yes to the living teachings of transformation that come with change. It is a journey in time, bridging the ancient rituals recorded in the Bible of that last supper with your life.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey or how much you connect with the Bible, this service is deeply meaningful, combining communion, music, meditation, and symbolic washing of feet. You will be transported to the upper room as the Lenten season concludes and we prepare for the celebration of the final transformation on Easter.

Charles Fillmore, in Keep a True Lent wrote, “Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter, is a corruption of the Latin word mandati meaning ‘of the commandment,’ and refers to the command ‘This do in remembrance of me’ spoken by Jesus in regard to His breaking of the bread and drinking of the wine at the Last Supper. Maundy Thursday commemorates the event of the Last Supper.”



A Day to Celebrate: Easter services

Easter - Resurrection

There are moments of significance in our lives when the light of awareness pierces the veils of illusion and we are awake. The Easter story is archetypal, illustrating the  ultimate awakening that we all have access to, that actually is our birthright. Easter at Unity of Tustin is a day to celebrate those moments of realization, and to cultivate that realization as a sustained reality. All our services on Sunday (adult and children) will feature lots of music and a joyous atmosphere you will want your whole family to experience.

“Bearing Witness to the Light”

Sunrise Service – 6 am         Rev. Carolyne Mathlin

Music with Jim & Christy White

Our service will feature rituals that support the Easter message, extended meditation & devotional music in the setting of Site 7 & 8 of Unity of Tustin’s Meditation Gardens. We will meet in Victoria House if it is raining.

“Living the Resurrection”

9 and 11 am                       Rev. Carolyne Mathlin

Music: Voices of Unity Choir and our house band

Our service will prominently feature our choir and house band. You will leave feeling uplifted and inspired by the power of the Easter message that will be delivered through music, meditation and our message.

Children’s and Teens Services   

11 am

The Unitots will be told a story about the very first Easter eggs and how they remind us of new life. The Unichildren (K-5th grade) will act out the Story of the Tomb and will be discovering the qualities of Christ consciousness. The Uniteens (6-8th grade) will trace Jesus’s ministry, beginning with Palm Sunday, through Passover and Easter.  The YOUers (9-12th grade) will be connecting their study of the chakras with the resurrection story. And the entire Youth and Family Ministry will be invited to our beautiful children’s garden to participate in a wonderful Easter egg hunt.


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