Welcome to Unity of Tustin online.

Our mystical spiritual community focuses on our inherent connection with the One Presence in the universe, God. We encourage commitment to communion with the One Presence through essential practices of contemplative prayer & meditation, spiritual study, devotion, tithing & conscious giving, and selfless service.

It is through our commitment to spiritual practice that we seek the taming of the mind in service to Divine Will. Our resident and guest ministers and master teachers represent the non-dual teachings of mystics and spiritual traditions across time and cultures. We are a community that is a supportive gathering place for people of like minds to spiritually grow and be together in intentional sacred community.

Located in the heart of Orange County, CA, our beautiful two acre campus includes a Chartres-style labyrinth and sacred meditation gardens. Our grounds are open to you during daylight hours for your personal prayer and meditation time. We welcome you to our web site and hope that you will join us for services on Sunday, for a class or event, or a stroll through our gardens



Jon Mundy, Ph.D., author, lecturer, publisher of Miracles magazine and the Executive Director of All Faiths Seminary International presents “Dancing with the Divine” at both Sunday Services on August 23, followed by “There’s No Place Like Home: Life ~ Death ~ Heaven”

For information and tickets, please click here: Jon Mundy Workshop



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